To Executives, Business Owners, Decision Makers, Marketing Departments… Of a Company Making More Than 1 Million Dollars a Year

Are You Looking To Land More Clients?

Things are good now, but want to reach new markets?

Too many leads but not converting enough leads to meet your goals?

Phone ringing or inbox stuffed with inquiries, and not getting enough of the right prospects?

Tried different marketing methods or companies with questionable success?

Question the effectiveness and expense of your marketing department?

The question is, which marketing method works better than others and what works best overall.

Marketers have persuaded you that all you need is…

Leadership Confusion

No wonder business people and even marketing departments can’t agree.

Furthermore, we find business owners use one of 6 losing methods when marketing.

1. Finger on the pulse:  The business owner that wants to touch all parts of their marketing, be in the marketing and has their finger on the pulse of marketing campaigns. They have a role in every marketing piece that goes out.  While it is essential for the owner to approve all the marketing that goes out. It takes away from the business owner time when they could be spending it somewhere else making more profit.

2.  All hands on deck:    The business owner has the (unskilled marketers) staff working on their marketing campaigns when they have time around their regular scheduled work. Placing social media ads here and there, and whatever’s at the top of their mind. Leading to inconsistent results and ineffective marketing because they aren’t trained marketers posting consistently.

3. Piecemeal Method:  The business owner hires one or more marketing companies to handle tasks, along with having their staff write content for the marketing company, they do this because the marketing company says… I don’t know your business as you do, so you write it up, and I’ll post it in different areas. Piecemealing leads to issues because the staff who’s not a trained copywriter is writing content that doesn’t move people to buy. (more on copywriting down the page) Not only that if the no new customers results, the marketing company can say… hey, I did what I was supposed to do…  posted information, I didn’t write it… so it puts the pressure back on the business owner. Piecemealing can be extremely dangerous to business. Because now when that topic is brought up by another marketer, coworker, friend, or family … the first instinct is… “I tried that method, and it didn’t work, so there’s no use investing in that again. I need something new… that works”. Saying that is like saying a hammer can’t build a house because you watched someone else try to create something with a hammer and fail. Social media, videos, emails, text are just tools… nothing more than just a tool. What you do with the tool is up to you. Look around, and you’ll find a person that has had no success with a particular tool in their business, while their direct competitor is wildly successful using the same tool. It’s all around you happening every second of the day.

4.   The Friend and Family Plan:   (Aka I know someone that does that.) The business owner hires a friend or family member to handle the marketing. This person handles all posts on social media and the website. Keeping track of what’s being said about the company and reacting to it as it comes in. Friends and family in business can cause strong animosity if things go wrong especially if the owner lays down a significant amount of cash only to watch it go up in smoke.  On top of that, we hear… so and so just graduated from said college and has a marketing degree, so they know "exactly" what they are doing when it comes to marketing. Well, they may have a degree in marketing… let me ask you... If you have a degree from college, how much of what you learned in college is being applied today in your business right now? There’s a world of difference between a marketing degree and real-world marketing knowledge. In college, they study concepts and case studies from others. It’s completely different when real money is up for the taking.

5.  It’s Social Media’s Fault we're not getting results: You’re paying $2,000/month to hire a social media company to get your presence out there, but results aren’t forthcoming. You’re getting the visits, hits, etc. but it's not converting into paying clients. We have found that it’s not the social media's fault it’s the lack of content that joins the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind. The social media company nor the owner realizes it’s due to poor content. The lack of a clear, engaging message. So, they blame the SM and hire another with the same results.

6. Failing sales department: Often it shows up as the lack of production. Many owners and decision makers are quick to blame ineffective salespeople. A failing sales department leads to turnover, rising training costs, poor morale, and diminished outcomes.

One of the less known reasons is that weak sales aren’t always the salesperson's fault.

We’ve found a marketing department that doesn’t work side by side with the sales department leads to poor sales performance.

Sales vs. Marketing

  • Salespeople have an important voice but don’t feel the marketing team hears them

  • Salesperson wants to sell. Owners hire salespeople to figure out their marketing

  • Salespeople are minions and dispensable

When marketing doesn’t value the sales input, it makes it harder on the salesperson to close the sale. Too often the marketing strategy is developed in isolation leaving critical information out of the plan.

Testing an idea in the field is the best way to see if it will work as planned.

The marketing department may have great ideas, although testing in the field is when results happen. Salespeople are closer in place and time to the customers' real needs and wants. Input needs to be systematic as part of the marketing strategy.   

We’ve heard salespeople complain, “I want to sell, and don’t have the marketing support, collateral materials (digital or print), or proper training to back us up. The owners expect us to take our selling time to fill in the gaps.”

The most effective scenario is to develop a relevant marketing strategy and tactical selling tools with input from those who interact with customers and clients.

When communication is unified between the sales department and marketing department, only then using the above methods will lead to a marketing strategy and relevant tactical selling tools that allow a company to become even more successful and generate money at a higher rate, faster.

It’s not the fault of the business owner for not knowing which is the best method to take to produce lasting results. Nevertheless, it is the business owner’s responsibility to produce results.

That said a business owner that focuses on results… wins.

7. Results Based: 

The business owners care that the marketing methods uses are ethical and get results... fast. They hire a team to do it. Now, this method is a sound method because it removes all the pressure from the business owner and employees and puts the focus on the marketer.

It’s now the responsibility of the marketer to figure out the best tools, come up with the right content, and place it in the tools that produce results, which add to your bottom line.

Here’s Where Sales Performance Starts:

All great sales campaigns and messaging must first start with an excellent marketing strategy.

However, statistics reveal that less than 1% of CEOs, business owners, and decision-makers genuinely understand marketing strategy.

As a result, when sales fall they usually say, “Let’s double down on sales. Hire more salespeople. Give them better training. Fire all the current ones. We need to work harder, longer, get better salespeople.”  Something has to change.

Understand that an effective sales campaign built on a rock solid marketing strategy is a strategy that works.

Marketing is what you say and how you say it to position your company in the mind of your prospect such that they conclude “I need to buy their product/service.”

When a staff member is directed to write a sales message and send it out to the world, the majority of the time it falls on deaf ears.

No one is listening because it’s not talking directly to their wants and needs as a consumer. Often the messaging is isolated and not part of a focused marketing strategy.

A highly trained copywriter, one who knows how to listen, then translate the message into a clear, concise message that's laser-focused, gets results.

A trained copywriter knows how to listen between the words to get the real meaning of the message, not the surface material, such as features and benefits. Going deeper than features and benefits.

Note: a copywriter is not an English major. Just because someone can write for a professional magazine or impress a teacher, it can lead to disaster when selling a product or service.

It’s like comparing a Luxury Car to a Jet Car; you’ll have a different experience. Both are great and have different purposes.

It’s important to know when to use an English major vs. a copywriter then when to mix the two to create compelling, moving content.

Think technical writing with a boost of motivation to do something now about the problem at hand.

Now when the sales team and customers clearly communicate to the marketing team what the customer’s wants and needs are, the marketing team is responsible is to put together a campaign that becomes exceptionally effective, regardless of what tool they use to send the message.

You see it’s the words and pictures being used to describe what the customer’s needs are for them to buy.

Your message must be translated correctly to be effective. Using all available tools at hand.

In short marketing (words and pictures) is the life-blood of business.

A company can have the best product in the world. If no one knows about it, it does no one good.

We’ve all seen products that are trash… make millions because it has a well-crafted marketing message built around it.

The worst thing for a salesperson is to go after a hot lead only to find out they didn’t have a clear understanding of the product or service, to begin with, because of the marketing.  Leading to a lost sale and time wasted.

Also applies to customer service; all need to be on the same page to make it work.

My name is Greg Robinson. I was sitting in a seminar listening to a marketer talk about creating effective videos.

No question this video marketing guru Daron Powers is a master. So I approached him, and we teamed up becoming a power of two.

Then I went to another meeting to learn about web technologies and talked to yet another marketer, Kevin Bull, promoting social media and how its uniqueness and power can drive a mass amount of buyers to a company. I liked what he has to offer, so we joined forces.

Meeting after meeting, I continued to meet with other top experts — authorities in their respective fields. While each one I met was undoubtedly a true professional at his or her craft, I noticed a common theme.

We all want to give our clients a complete marketing solution, one that makes our client grow exponentially while reducing conflicts between the marketing department and the rest of the company.

We began meeting as a group. It dawned upon us that as like-minded experts coming together we as a team could solve business marketing problems far better together than individually.

Realizing that we have an advantage over our competitors because we are all business owners ourselves.

We understand the business, unlike a regular marketing company that hires green college students. Being seasoned in the real world makes all the difference.

Understanding the pressures of making the next payroll, keeping the lights on, the cost of hiring the next employee, buying equipment, etc.

Taking on risks and being rewarded.

We see each problem in a different light from our unique perspective being the top in our field, we’ve become a powerhouse to be reckoned with when collaborating with one another.

Seeing things in a different light is what makes us so powerful because each one of us is an expert in each field we don’t always agree with each other on some specific topics.

When this happens, it leads to a heated discussion with each other…  that’s when the magic happens… producing exciting results at that moment.

As individual business owners ourselves we believe in Tony Robbins quote “Emotion Creates Motion” it’s the key to getting unstuck.

We apply it every day as a team.

Together we have the years of experience, the knowledge, the blood, sweat, and tears that come along with owning a growing successful business… you know what I’m talking about, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

We are challenging each other every day to see things in a different light. Realizing when the right team of experts comes together it changes everything, for the better. Maybe you’ve experienced this in your own business.

When a topic, product, or service is brought up, that on the surface appears to be stiff or out of date. The team works it, energizing it, putting a new polish on it, making it gleam.

Marketing is a discipline. It doesn’t get the respect a doctor, accountant or lawyer might. Yet, none of these professions or any product or service can be successful without professional grade marketing, and the same goes for you.

So many business owners are not making a marketing effort or worse, jumping from one marketing method to another with little or no results because they all are sending a different message out to the masses or worse yet the wrong message altogether.

When one doesn’t work, they’re off running after the next.

Before they know it, accomplishing nothing.

…feeling completely paralyzed, unsure what to do next.

The cycle continues, never breaking through or ever realizing their financial goals for themselves or their family.

Pay close attention because it’s time for a change – break the cycle.

A marketing system that’s built the right way using the right team, strategies, processes, messaging will unlock the door to success.

A system that accurately measures results for each dollar you put into any marketing efforts.

So you can enjoy freedom, independence, greater wealth, and security.

Using a proven system saves you massive amounts of time when it comes to marketing your business.

Decide right now… are you a “Business Owner” or a “Marketer

Business owners need to plug into a proven marketing system…

No longer left to wander alone in the darkness of marketing.

Instead, build foundations for all your future success starting IMMEDIATELY.

Move forward with your business faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

…Building and running a successful business –

  • No more confusion

  • No more trying to figure out where to get your next client

  • No more questionable success

It’s time to MASTER your business with a purpose that sells more.

Here’s the deal:

For as little as $1,000 plus $500 a for running paid ads you can get started.  

We will then plan out a marketing campaign custom designed for your business. We will complete the plan ourselves and implement it into your business, Done For You.

We’re happy to work with your current marketing team, web developer, or whomever you have currently working on marketing projects.

Then we will set up systems to automate sales and track conversions so we can see what’s working, so we can apply more resources to that area.

I can’t overstate the power of this team’s systems and processes… it could change your business and life forever.

Once we dig into what you have, we may find that by merely testing different things on your website, you can improve your lead conversion rate up to 300% without adding additional traffic.

Being an individual business owner, I’ve had success helping others such as…

A company in Ann Arbor made 2 little changes to its website and doubled its prospect response.

A company owner in Rochester Hills made one simple change to her Facebook account and within 24 hours had 7 new leads come in.

Danco and I helped a company in Ann Arbor, in three months we provided more growth in its company than it had seen in over 10 years.

Now that we have a powerful team working together we’re able to knock out a marketing campaign that motivates onlookers into buyers.

Now you can tap into predictable results, so you’ll know what you’re going to get from your marketing… with your new exciting marketing team.

Hiring any one of us individually is adding incredible value to your business, and if you were to hire us independently it would cost you over $24,000 a month or more, and the results would be good…

Though when you hire us as a team, the efforts are multiplied dramatically year after year.


Launch your business to the next level, and to do it… marketing is crucial.

When you have the right marketing messages set up with the systems and processes that make it work…. It becomes clear that your prospect is moving forward with the right company.   

With us, your prospects will be guided from start to the final sale, regardless if it’s a one-time buy or brought back to buy more month after month.

Each day that goes by is a loss of sales, time and energy.

Your prospects are praying you don’t discover how to market yourself, so they can save their money and spend it elsewhere.  

Your competitors would rather see you go out of businesses to make it easier on them because their marketing is weak and don’t know what to do about it.  

Marketing is the critical skill; it applies to everything you do in business, each email regardless if it’s to a prospect, a partnering company, vendors, suppliers, creditors, or employees within.

Marketing also applies to hire top-grade employees.  The message you put on a recruiting website is just as important as an ad you run for your product or service.

With a strong marketing message, you’ll be able to attract new top producers that will want to come work for you.  

You realize half-assed marketing will get you nowhere and you’re robbing yourself of a much higher income.

The process

After our initial interview process with you, the only thing you’ll need to do is approve what we post.

We do the rest for you, laying a solid foundation then building from the ground up, creating everything for you.

So you can experience a pipeline full of fresh clients that you like working with.

Currently, our schedule is limited. We can take on only 2 clients at this time, so get started today while we have availability.

Fill out the form below to get started to receive your FREE initial evaluation.

“We were spinning our wheels for over two years trying to improve our marketing.

With Mr. Powers, we got a marketing expert; and a professional who has the heart to understand and apply principles of leadership.”

– Greg Adair, President

Affordable HomeCare, Livonia, MI

“Within several months of polishing our marketing and developing several videos with Daron Powers, we began to get less push back on our work estimates. This improved our profit margins. When I asked customers why are you going with our company they replied, ‘“You’re the authority. We trust you over your competition.’” Matt Ciprianno, President, IWR, Chesterfield, MI


“I just returned from China, where following up on some leads.  Even though I’m not the engineer, I felt very confident that the materials we developed with Mr. Powers, and that I had with me was more than adequate to present our company, abilities and products.” John Donelly, CEO, Cold Forming Technologies, Sterling Heights, MI

Cold Forming Technologies

“It’s our busy season. By this time we’d have 4 solid projects on the board. This year we are at 13 projects and counting. The video Mr. Powers helped us to develop and post to our website and the BBB, is getting the phone to ring!”

– Steve Kwaske, Kwaske Construction, Jackson, MI

Kwaske Construction

Here I’m supposed to tell you that you’ll risk nothing by joining our marketing family. Well, there is a risk. In life, there’s a risk in everything we do every day.

We are risking our time and reputation to help you.  You’re risking your investment in us.

What I do know is that if during the free evaluation if we don’t feel we are the right fit for your company, if we don’t feel like we can help you grow to the next level.

We will be upfront with you.

We’ll give you tips on how you can grow your business without us then we will part ways as friends.  

We have 8 business owners that have invested a ton of time and money building their reputation, none of them are willing to run their name through mud to make a quick buck.

Our goal is to leave anyone we meet better than they were when we first met.

Well, there you have it, the decision is yours. Sit there and continue with what you’re currently doing or jump on this opportunity right now and fill out the form.

P.S. You’re the business owner you’re responsible for the growth of your business. Your employees and customers look up to you because of what you’ve accomplished. They could not have done it without you. Let that sink in for a minute… They need you…

You’re their support structure and vice-versa you need them as much as they need you. Pat yourself on the back… you deserve it.

Being a leader isn’t always easy. Especially when your decision has an effect that trickles down to every one of your employees and customers.

In a lifetime you’ll spend just as much if not more time with employees, vendors, suppliers, customers than you will with your family. Make it worthwhile for everyone including yourself.


#1 Analyze

We review all current marketing material, analytics, along with the current processes and systems you already have in place.

Reviewing your marketing materials allows us to integrate seamlessly into your business with effectiveness and accuracy.

#2 Analyze Your Prospects And Customer

We dive deep into who your customers are and dig down to find out what their wants and needs are so we can specifically target them.

#3 Website Makeover

Making sure it’s mobile responsive and up to date with proper tracking to measure success.

Examine the content, links, keyword analysis, competitive analysis, split testing, heat map, and measure results.

We are happy to work with your current website developer to accomplish this.

#4 Google Maps (if applicable)

Make sure you’re showing up in the right place, with the correct information.

#5 Social Media

Send the right message to your potential prospects. Social media is then used for brand awareness and to increase trust, traffic, leads, sales, and loyalty.

#6 Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Retargeting

Directly target prospects, being sent at the right time with proper tracking in place.

Once leads continue to flow in, we will target other areas of your business. Includes social media advertising.

#7 GEO Targeting/Geo Fencing

Prominent ads are delivered directly to your target market’s smartphones and tablets.

We can pinpoint the specific geographical locations. What does this mean?

If you know where your clients hang out, they are now in your sights as a potential client.

#8 Email and Text

Send emails and texts with relevant content talking about your prospects needs ensures that prospect’s and customers are coming back to your website, keeping prospects engaged in your services.

#9 Print Advertising

Review all current marketing materials to ensure everything is sending your brand’s message.

#10 Content Creation

Create content that sends a message to increase awareness, traffic, trust, leads, sales, and loyalty.

The right content on your website, blogs, social media, emails, surveys, press releases, white papers, case studies, brochures, etc., focused on your entire business.

#11 Photography

Custom high-resolution photos, lighting and the proper background make a stunning difference.

Professional shots that capture the emotions that transfer to the prospect.

#12 Graphic Design

Use a design that grabs attention, giving you a professional look.

Includes designs on your website, ads, brochures and in emails.

A great design that is pleasing on the eye makes all the difference.

We’ll also check your logo to make sure it’s sending the correct message to customers.

#13 Video

We handle professional video production in the studio, with green screen available or on-site.

We will interview you or a representative from your office or use one of our professional spokespersons.

Create scripts that lead to action, bring in a teleprompter, have multiple camera angles, moving shots, even a drone camera if needed for a building view. We’ll add in sound effects and music.

The types of videos we create range from informational, instructional, interviews, events, webinars, presentations, tutorials, product reviews to animation, behind-the-scenes, live streaming, educational, documentaries, experience, company culture, public service announcements, FAQ, demonstration, personalized, sales, testimonial, fun and/or thank-you videos.

Videos used on your website, ads, blogs, Youtube channel, Facebook and TV commercials, etc.

#14 SEO

Staying on top of the search engines, once we find out what works through extensive tracking, we then focus on organic search.

Lowering your paid search expenses.

When The Automatic Sales Funnel Machine is complete

You’ll have leads coming in with a lower acquisition cost, faster sales cycles, and increased ROI.

Best of all, we create a predictable, reliable process from start to finish, with forecastable results.

When The Automatic Sales Funnel Machine for leads is complete, we will move on to the next service you want to boost.

You’ll be able to outgrow your competitors in the market because you can now create and nurture more of a personal relationship with each prospect and customer than ever before… automatically… done for you… marketing service.

#15 Executive Speech and Voice Coach

Saying the right thing in the right way to the right audience is extremely important.

When presenting in front of a camera, one-on-one or an audience the same is true, your message must be clear and authoritative.

Some think they are sending one message, but the audience is hearing something entirely different…  leads to disaster.

We will help you present your message in a clear, effective way to your selected audience with the executive presence and style you want and need to make an impact.

The Team:

Daron Powers:

Daron’s talents are downright powerful. He creates two-minute videos that leave the prospect wanting and asking for more. He has worked with small, medium and even Fortune 500 companies. He has had the pleasure of meeting with Edwards Deming. He also brings order and process using Edwards Deming methods that are time tested and have been used all over the world. (After being turned away from U.S. engineers, Deming helped Japan between 1950 to 1960 to raise back up from the war to become the second-largest economy in the world.)

Darrell Jackson:

Darrell knows how to find highly qualified prospects and drive them to your website by using geo-targeting, retargeting, and then pumping up the ad delivery rate, so you get action. Darrell can pump ads into specific homes by using IP address targeting too. Use this solution in place of expensive direct mail. Darrell has been in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and puts his experience and professionalism to work for numerous clients. Some of his customers include automotive dealers, home builders, real estate brokers, financial establishments, healthcare facilities, politicians, professional organizations, home improvement companies, and the list goes on.

Greg Robinson:

Greg will harness the power to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time, seamlessly moving a prospect into a client using automation and direct marketing techniques. Once set up, the system produces results day after day, targeting potential clients. He has the ability to take the hand of an individual prospect and walk with him or her every step of the way from prospect into paying customer. He also will follow up with them for referrals, talking to that “one” customer’s specific needs.

Kevin Bull:

Kevin is our heavy hitter when it comes to content. He worked for the Detroit Free Press as an editor for 11-plus years. He brings impact with content by relying on his 25 years of professional journalism experience. His content moves people into action, especially on social media platforms. He writes to show how clients are experts in their respective fields and authorities in their professions.

Corinne Barringer:

Corinne will help you refine your communication skills so you can speak more effectively and position yourself ahead of the competition. After analyzing your current status, she’ll work intensively with you one-on-one to improve not only your speech and delivery but also your overall executive vocal image. Corinne will help you identify and eliminate annoying mannerisms, learn to breathe properly, overcome stage fright, look good on camera and relax when giving a presentation. Gain the confidence you’ve been looking for in your speaking skills. Communicate a compelling message that your audience understands and believes in.

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